Son, I’ve made a life out of reading people’s faces…

I’m terrible at taking pills. More so, I’m terrible at remembering to take pills. I should be asleep right now, but I forgot to take my sleeping pill earlier and now…well, it is almost 2am so seems too risky to take it now. Where does the time go? I thought it was maybe around midnight and the next thing I know, it’s much later.

I’m sitting here watching Poker After Dark for no other reason than it is on and I don’t feel like channel surfing to find something else. These people crack me up that wear the dark sunglasses and hats pulled way down on their heads. I thought one of the key skills in this game was the poker face. Instead, you’ve got people hiding behind a bunch of props. There’s one guy that wears a hoodie pulled up over his head and tightened up so he looks like the unibomber. I think that’s even his nickname. I just think it’s silly.

Plus, I’d be afraid someone could see the reflection of my cards if I had some gigantimum dark sunglasses on. Then again, I wouldn’t be playing thousands of dollars per hand either!

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