I look for sense, but I get next to nothing.

I’m having another of those strange days where my dreams are mixing with reality and I’m confusing the two. I woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I played around on flickr groups for awhile. And then I was watching the early morning news.

It gave me flashbacks to when I worked at the news station in college. And I could have sworn I blogged about it. Apparently not. I also thought FedEx knocked on my door and I went and found the package on my doorstep. But alas, no package. Work emails that I sent detailed replies to, only to find that there were no replies sent. Submitted a BeautiControl order that doesn’t exist. Then there were the city workers digging a line through my yard who asked me to bring Mazzy inside while they worked out back.

So the reality of my day is apparently this: stayed up all morning, dozed off and on and had a variety of life-like dreams, did a little bit of work, dozed some more, re-did the work emails I apparently wrote in my head. Wonder if I have already taken my medicine or not.

Oh, and I think I saw a mouse in my kitchen. Gosh, I hope that was part of the dreams. I don’t deal well with rodents. Don’t make me tell those stories.

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