Hey, it’s good to be back home again!

Holy hell, that was a long trip. I took 3 vacation days and spent 2 of them in an airport. Literally spent ALL day Friday and ALL day Tuesday in one airport or another, being shuffled around from flight to flight, location to location, in an effort to get to my destination. Luckily Mom & Dad ended up in Austin with me after my first flight on Friday. Two full flights there so we were sent to LA to catch a flight into Vegas from there. Four flights later we finally made it on one and made our way into Vegas. Looooong day.

The wedding on Saturday was nice. Interesting to see how the herd the procession of weddings through the chapel. In and out. Bring on the next one. Everything in Vegas is about raking in a dollar I suppose.

Afterwards we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for the reception. That was a fun night. Just sillyness, a few drinks, and visiting with family. Afterwards, my niece’s girls came back with us to the hotel to swim and play for awhile.

Sunday, she and her new hubby came and spent the afternoon with us before getting ready to head out on their honeymoon. That night, we headed to the South Point Casino that was right next door to where we stayed. I got more than a little lucky on a Triple Diamond slot and hit the big jackpot….on one coin, playing 50 cents because I was cheap. But I’ll take it! Dad ended up winning $900 that night…after all his complaining about gambling. lol

We were going to go out to the strip that night, but Dilbert ended up finding a poker tournament and I was tired enough to skip it, figuring we still had one more night and could go Monday.

Barry and fam headed out Monday while Dad and I made the trip to Hoover Dam since I’d never been. It was pretty amazing and I took a ton of pictures, but DAMN it was HOT! I had no idea we’d be there that long. After sweating in the heat and walking for miles, we got back to the hotel around 5:30pm, planning to take showers and then head to the strip.

Not exactly how it happened. It was after 8pm before we got motivated and moving enough to go find the trolley stop. That ended up being more hassle than it was worth. We only ended up having about an hour on the strip before having to find our way back to the trolley before the service ended.

So, I saw mostly the same parts of the strip that I’d already seen before. We rode to Harrah’s and dropped Mom off there to play for awhile since she can’t do all that walking. Then Dad and I wandered up to the Venetian so I could see it (it was being built the last time I was there). A whole lot of buildup for nothing, if you ask me. A beautiful facade with no purpose. Then we crossed the street and headed back past Treasure Island, The Mirage, and Ceasar’s Palace. Met Mom, caught the shuttle, and headed back towards our hotel. I ended up getting off at South Point because I wanted to play a little more before we left the next day. Should’ve just gone to the hotel….that was a bust and left me getting only about 2 hours of sleep before the return to the airport marathon.

Tuesday we were at the airport by 8am CT to catch the flight to San Antonio, which was full. So they shipped us off to Phoenix then to Tulsa then a 2-hour wait to catch a flight for me to Dallas and for Mom & Dad to get back to Houston. Mom and Dad caught their flight. I did not, but was a definite for the next flight…2 more hours later. So I went out through security to sit outside and smoke for awhile, then came back in and got lunch and a (monster!) drink from TGI Fridays. Made my way back to the gate only to find out that the 6:35pm flight had been cancelled. Growl. So then I was moved to the 8pm flight . The last one of the night from there. And it was delayed until 9:40pm. I finally made it to my house at a quarter til midnight last night. What a day.

I was just completely exhausted and ended up sleeping most of today. Guess I’m using another 8 hours of vacation time for that. It was nice to see everyone, but it’s good to be home.

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