Here I go again on my own.

It’s nice to have a pilot for a brother and the opportunity to get free passes from time to time. Not so nice is the whole idea of flying standby at the bottom of the totem pole. I just listed for my flight to Vegas on Friday. None of the flights look great, so I’m going to have to just be there for the earliest one and keep my fingers crossed. Being at the airport by 6:45am is going to suck navel lint. I’m predicting no sleep the night before since me waking up at that ungodly hour is essentially out of the question.

I’m bringing some books with me, so if I ended up sitting in various airports all day, I’ll have something to keep me entertained. I’m psyching myself up to take it in stride. As long as I actually get into Vegas on Friday, all will be well.

The wedding is Saturday afternoon and I still don’t have a clue what to wear. I have some thoughts, but need to just bite the bullet and start trying things on from my closet…which will only serve to upset me, but it has to be done.

Hopefully Mom will be more recovered from her surgery and feel well enough to get out and about some on Sunday and Monday. She wants to go to the Red Rock where I had all my slot machine success last time. And of course, I want to visit the strip since I missed it last time. Who knows what Dad will want to do….play golf probably. Only I doubt he’s bringing his clubs since they’re doing the flight passes as well and won’t want to check luggage.

Lately I keep forgetting to take my medicine and boy is it making me weird. I need an alarm or something. Probably not helping with my work right now either. I’ve been just awful this week about going into the office. Not smart considering I’m about to be out for 3 days.

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