Deep in the heart of Texas!

I finally got my information in the mail today about All-Star Game tickets! All full-season ticket holders are being given the opportunity to purchase tickets for the events. You have to buy all 3 ticketed events, consisting of:

  • Day 1 – Monday, January 22 – American Airlines Salute to a Generation of Stars: an open practice featuring both Easter and Western Conference All-Stars. “This unique event will feature a celebration of recently retired NHL players who helped define the game over the past 13 years since the Stars arrived in Dallas. The event will feature a dramatic on-ice tribute and personal appearances from NHL all-time greats. Players appearing will be determined at a later date.”

  • Day 2 – Tuesday, January 23 – Young Stars Game and the SuperSkills Competition: “The NHL Young Stars Game features the best and brightest young talent from the Eastern and Western Conference as they face-off in this showcase game. The SuperSkills Competition pits the NHL’s top players against one another in seperate skills events. Players are asked to put their individual skills on the line in contests like the Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot, Accuracy Shooting, and the Shootout.”
  • Day 3 – Wednesday, January 24 – 55th Annual NHL All-Star Game: “The game is a rare chance for fans to see the world’s best players from the Eastern and Western Conference face-off and exhibit their exceptional talent in person. The 2007 celebration will mark the first non-weekend NHL All-Star events since Tuesday, February 7, 1989, when the 40th NHL All-Star Game was played in Edmonton. This special event will create once in a lifetime memories for Stars fans.”

AND I AM GOING TO BE THERE!!!! I’ll have my normal seat for Day 1. I’m being moved over a section for Days 2 and 3, but that’s ok. I am so freaking excited to have the opportunity to see this here in Dallas. I’ve already blocked those 3 days off on my work calendar until I know what the times are, but I’ve got comp time and my HPA project will be done by then, so it’s all good.

I signed up to volunteer to work the events as well, but so far, have not heard anything back on that. Supposedly there are some volunteer meetings coming up to learn about the different jobs they will need help with.

Either way, I’ll be there. And that freaking ROCKS!!!

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