Walking after midnight

This trip may very well kill me. By the time I get to my “vacation” days, all I’m going to want to do is sleep! My flight got in at 3:20pm on Saturday. I was checked into the hotel by 4:45pm or so. This place is soooo much bigger than I thought. The walk from my room to the convention area of the hotel is a good 10 minutes. I’m beginning to think I will be wearing tennis shoes with my work clothes. And technically, it’s a motel. But anyway…About an hour later, I was meeting up with the boss and coworker to go do early check-in for the conference and then head to Downtown Disney for dinner.

After a very colorful night on which I will not elaborate right now, we finally arrived back at the hotel a little after 2am.

Today, I had tickets for Disney before the conference started this evening. So boss and coworker decided they’d get a 1-day pass and we’d all go to MGM. Up at 7:30am and starting out already exhausted, we had a quick breakfast and caught the bus to MGM and made a mad dash through the park before the boss had to return for a meeting at 2pm.

We did the Star Wars flight simulator thing, saw the extreme stunt show, and rode the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster. That’s about all I saw of MGM. I will say this, that coaster KICKED ASS! It’s indoors, dark, goes upside down, and FAST! It was so funny…on the little mid-ride photo things they have available to purchase, there’s the 3 of us. Boss looks like he’s enjoying himself. Coworker looks half asleep. And I am nothing but a big huge grin on the screen. What the picture (which we did not purchase) does not show is that my legs were pushed against the seat with every ounce of power I had, trying to make sure my gigantic purse, housing dear Samuel L, did not go flying out of the car.

Orlando 055

I was worried about having to wander around the parks by myself later this week, but after today, I’m looking forward to it. So I can set my own pace, stop and see everything I want to see, and not have to take pictures while walking to keep up with others. It was nice to have the company, but I like to take everything in.

This afternoon, after uploading some photos and discovering that Mazzy had made a new friend, I managed to squeeze in about a 30 minute nap before the opening session and am just now getting back to my hotel room, at 12:15 am Orlando time. And I have to be up in 6 hours. An all day session tomorrow and there is already talk of heading back downtown with old boss, boss, and coworker, as well as a friend of theirs that we met tonight. Rumor has it that, “that girl can drink!” A partner in crime does not bode well for me and being up again early Tuesday morning. Plus that’s money I don’t need to spend.

Ok, off to bed…

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