1st rolls from the Holga

This past Sunday I had plans to go shot a roll or two of black and white in the Holga.  I wasted the first roll of ISO100 because of the damned foam in the camera getting rolled up in the film and forcing the back of the camera off, exposing the film.  (Didn’t I say this was a cheap plastic camera?)  So that left me with one roll of ISO400 to use on a bright sunny day.

I went out to Firewheel and then drove through downtown Garland and took quite a few shots on the various colored lomolitos, but haven’t finished any of them completely yet.  I did finish the roll of 120 film however.  And had the foam issue again but just kept shooting through it (thanks to taping the back of the camera on so it couldn’t come open again).  The problem with that was, when it came time to remove the film from the camera, the foam was wound up in the film.  So I pulled it as tightly as I could and sealed it and crossed my fingers that most of the film was covered well enough to prevent exposing it further.

I found a place locally that could develop 120 film, so dropped it off on Monday and just picked it up today.  Considering it was my first 2 rolls ever on medium format film AND on this crazy camera, I’m pretty encouraged by the results.  Especially for the color roll.  The b+w roll was pretty crappy because most of it was way overexposed (due to the film speed and the light leaks from the foam issue…lol).  I just got a contact sheet of it but got prints of the color roll.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

I had to order more 120 film from B&H because it’s so hard to find it here.  At least any variety.  Should be here by Friday, just in time for a weekend of picture taking during Dr H’s visit.  We’re going to the Wildflower Festival on Saturday, so I should get some good shots there hopefully. 

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