Return to the Land of the Living

So tonight, I actually made it a point to leave work early enough to make the Stars game.  I’ve missed attending entirely too many games lately due to work and realized enough is enough!  It was good to be among friends again, rather than spending all my time with co-workers and emails and support issues and such.  And even though my boys put forth a mostly lackluster performance, it was still a nice win.

There was a horribly scary moment when one of the Predators’ players went, what appeared to be, headfirst into the boards.  He bounced off the wall, face down and slid out across the ice.  And then didn’t move for a very long time.  You could have heard a pin drop at the AAC.  They ended up taking him off the ice on a stretcher.  Very scary.  They ended up calling a boarding penalty and game misconduct on one of our players, which didn’t make any sense.  Daley wasn’t close enough to the Pred to have boarded him.  But afterwards, we figured the refs probably made that call to settle tempers and prevent any possible retalliation by removing Daley from the game. 

We heard later that the other player was apparently ok, but that they were taking him to the hospital to get checked out, just to be safe.  Really hope all is well.  That was the freakiest thing I’ve ever witnessed during a game I think.

Supposed to go see some friends new house this weekend in conjunction with a superbowl party.  I have no interest whatsoever in watching the game.  Couldn’t even tell you who is playing.  But was promised that talking would not be taboo, so figure maybe it will be a chance to catch up with some of the girls at least. 

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