He continues to amaze me.

Dr Honeydew and I sort of agreed this year to send Christmas presents after we both got back from out of town and life had returned to normal.  We both have wishlists on Amazon to give not-so-subtle hints of what we’d like to have to those who might be shopping for us. 

Today, I received a package from him containing a birthday and Christmas present.  No clear indication of which was which, but while they are equally awesome, one completely surprised the hell out of me.  So I’m calling it my birthday gift.

I was addicted to Carnivale on HBO.  Until they, ever so cruelly, cancelled it after the 2nd season.  I still don’t understand why.  It was an award-winning program for them and had a huge following.

So, when I opened my box from Amazon today, expecting to find something, presumably, from my wish list, I was shocked.  And amazed.  And stunned.  I think the first words I managed to utter were, “Holy shit!!  You did NOT!!”   I’m eloquent when surprised, huh?   If he’d been here, I’d have hit him.  And then tackled him.

Dr Honeydew gave me something I badly wanted, but purposely neglected to put on my wish list because I thought the price was outrageous and figured it would be marked down at some point.  I would never ask someone to buy something for me that I thought was ridiculously priced.  Just because….if it’s not something I’d buy for myself, why should anyone else buy it for me?

He gave me the first season of Carnivale on dvd.  I heart this man.

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Songs of Faith and Devotion
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Release Date: Mar 23, 1993

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