I’ll be a certified mechanic in no time!

More car drama over the weekend.  Only this time, it was my car alarm (which I haven’t used in years) that was possessed.  It started going off at random and I couldn’t disable it.  OR start my car. 

After fighting with it most of Sunday, I had finally had enough and ended up cutting the damn wires to the alarm.  Then talked to my dad, who informed me that I should try disconneting and cleaning the battery connections. 

I did.  I found an adjustable wrench and went to town, timidly, disconnecting the battery.  Cleaned the posts and everything with a knife.  Reconnected.

It worked.  My headlights began flashing instantly, which meant the alarm was going off (only I couldn’t hear it due to the hacked wires!).  I grabbed the remote and it worked, too!

I spliced and re-connected the alarm wires and got it working again, and then promptly turned it back off.

I was pretty proud of myself.

Lots of stuff running through my little mind this week, but I’m too tired to blog about any of it right now.  So instead, I’m curling up with a book.

Currently listening to, watching, reading, planning to get, etc.

The Closers
By Michael Connelly

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