Thanks for the laugh, Red!

Today was an odd mix. 

It was a good day because my boss gave me 2 lower level tickets to a Stars game in March.  And thanked me for doing such a great job this year.  Said I really took on the challenge of my new role and ran with it.

It was a bad day because my boss told us he has accepted another position in the department, effective January 1.  And one of my coworkers will be taking over as manager of our team.
It was a good day because, when I got home tonight, I had a FedEx package from Red.  Early birthday present?  What is this?  When I opened it and saw what it was, I laughed so hard I cried.  I guess my tantrum-like stomping of my light up heels and insistence on what I was NOT supposed to be at the Halloween party made a lasting impression.

It was a (very cool) plaque from Target.  With the following design on it. 


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