How much for the hot hockey player?

Mike Modano

Seriously.  Best Buy would make a fortune.  And with their 18-month no interest financing, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Hell, I’d take TWO! 

Modano was at the grand opening of a Best Buy store this afternoon, so, of course, I went and stood in line to (finally) get my jersey signed (no, not the one in the picture) and managed to get a picture with him.  I’ve been to his signings before, but never managed to have my jersey with me.  Giddy like a school girl, but not yet satisfied, I returned to the end of the line for a second round and got a magazine and game program signed, too.  And another picture with him.  *blush*

I would have willingly gone back a third time (the line was super short by then) but my friends convinced me that was too stalker-ish.  Besides, I didn’t have anything else with me for him to sign.  A little boy nearby overhead me saying that and suggested I have him sign my face.

Oh honey.  If I was going to ask him to sign a body part, that would so not be it.

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