Tom Thumb, you broke my heart.

So, you know that the super-conveniently located Tom Thumb near my house is CLOSING.  I am still bummed about it.  I loved that store.  Tom was my first friend in my new neighborhood.  We’ve been together for just over a year and he was always there when I needed him. 

To add insult to injury, I just learned today that Kroger is moving into that location.  I got a letter from Kroger today assuring me that he can make me forget I ever knew Tom.  Kroger went on to say how he looks forward to being part of my life.  Excuse me!  I barely know you, you presumptive, conceited  wannabe-rebound-store!  Don’t pretend to want me or care about what I want.  You’re just using me for my money.

There’s another big new Tom Thumb a few blocks north, but let’s be realistic.  Kroger is going to be right there.  And I’m weak.  Perhaps I can try to form a relationship with northern Tom.  But I won’t rule out the possibility of the occasional booty call with Kroger.


Meanwhile, my Stars are down 2-1 against the Ducks.  The 3rd period is about to start.  Come on, guys!  Beat those phucking ducks!!!  They’ve had a pretty decent road trip so would love to see them finish it off with a killer comeback in the 3rd.  Then they are back at home this Friday playing the BJs (no, not that kind).  I’ll be at that game…YAY! 

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