Halloween pics & SPF

I finally added some pictures to the post-Halloween party entry.  Go take a look here.


 I’m late on SPF, too, I realize that.  Just don’t tell KristineThis week’s assignment was “Down There.” 

  • Your door mat
  • Your rug(s)
  • Your favorite socks

So, here’s my mat at the front door.  The one at the back door is exactly the same, only in much worse condition.  When this one starts looking bad, I’ll move it to the back door, throw the back door one out, and buy a new one for the front.  That process seems to work well for me. 

I have quite a few rugs throughout the house, but nothing fancy.  More for foot traffic mostly.  So instead, here’s the Marilyn rug that sits at my desk in my office, which is the most obvious room of the house to witness my obsession with Marilyn.

And here’s a project I started atleast 3 years ago.  My ex and I had just split up, for the final time, he had just moved out and I was in hermit-mode like never before.  The only time I left the apartment was to go to work.  And sometimes not even then.  So I decided I needed a project.  Why on earth I chose a latch-hook rug is beyond me.  I haven’t done latch-hook since elementary school.  But I thought it would be an easy distraction that would result in a pretty little rug to put in front of my fireplace.  Obviously, I eventually found other things to do, because, after months of working on it at random times, I didn’t exactly make much progress.

And here, my favorite socks.  It’s usually too hot here to wander around the house in socks.  But now that the weather is finally starting to cool off some, I had to dig these babies back out.  They are sooooo super soft and comfy.  

So, did you play??

Comments from old blog:
gak – Nov 08, 05:  your costume looks GREAT!!! you are so pretty!

Nilla – Nov 06, 05:  That latch-hook looks pretty! And, my sister and I LOVE Marilyn too. She just stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado about three weeks ago for her birthday (MM filmed Some Like it Hot there) and went ghost hunting!

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