Curse you, Tom Thumb!

I signed up online today for the WeightWatchers eTools.  So all I needed to do was go grocery shopping.  I took some of the sample meals and created a shopping list and headed to my super conveniently located Tom Thumb.  Seriously, it’s like 2 minutes from my house.  Imagine my surprise when I saw giant STORE CLOSING signs plastered all over the front.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn.

Luckily they still had stuff available.  Lots of canned and dry goods, some frozen foods, cleaning stuff, etc.  And most everything was 20% off.  So I went ahead and started shopping for what I could.  Absolutely no produce in the store.  No milk.  No bread.  So after loading my cart up with a ridiculous amount of groceries (I normally shop once a month, but bargain hunting, coupon cutting fool that I am had to load up) I came home, unloaded everything and reviewed my shopping list.

I still need to go to another store and get all the produce and milk and stuff.  And I’m going to MY store to buy Mazzy’s dog food (20% off plus my $3 off coupon!).  But I think I’ve got plenty (dripping with sarcasm) to come up with a nice dinner and breakfast tomorrow.  I’ll venture out to find another store tomorrow.  I am just seriously bummed that my store is closing. 

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