Is it really so strange?

I can’t decide. I’ve been in this situation before (twice actually) and it turned out badly.

Sometimes, because of circumstances, you think you know someone better than you really do. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in your idea of who that someone is. And sometimes, you’re really just longing for more, so the attention and friendship seems that much better. And sometimes (more often than not), you should just stop thinking about things too much and take it for what it is. Que sera, sera.

Moving on…I’m doing pretty well with the tracking expenses so far, but that could be simply because I haven’t been anywhere for it to be an issue yet. Work. Home. Repeat.

Yesterday: $3.49 for lunch
Today: $4.79 for lunch

Now I’m off to sleepyland, earlier than normal, but with good reason. It’s been a hell of a week so far and there are still 2 more work days to go.

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