Let’s get it started.

Gone are the ways of the paper journal. And good riddance, I say. I was never good at keeping mine current. Months would pass and there I was, trying to recapture all the events, thoughts, and feelings of everything that had happened since I last wrote. It ended up being a hodgepodge of haphazard drivel.

I’m online a lot. I type faster than I can think most days. So this makes for a good outlet for me. A natural progression of things, even if I am a few years behind in taking advantage of this technology.So here’s a start, and we’ll see how it goes. I won’t even attempt to catch up on my life thus far. So I’ll just jump right in as of today.

I’m a 30-something single who hasn’t had a real date in months. And by “real,” I mean something other than veiled attempts at the infamous booty call from a certain someone I’ll call P. It’s sad that, for awhile there, I was so craving male affection that I would often accept such a call from him. Initially, it was fun. Exciting even. If the payoff had been better, I’d be tempted to continue, but sadly, it was not. And in the long run, really, what’s the point? So I’ve been a good girl and dodged that particular situation for atleast a couple of months. And have no plans of returning there. Atleast not with HIM.

Trying to find a budget I can stick to has been a challenge. I’m constantly recalculating and crunching numbers to make it work. I’m terribly bad at impulse shopping. I see it, I want it, I buy it. Not a good plan. Especially when I have some bigger and better purchases to plan for. Not to mention the fact that it certainly isn’t helping me get out of debt any sooner. So, starting tomorrow, I will write down every single expense. Every pack of gum picked up while paying for gas, every cup of coffee from the machine at work, every drink bought when out with friends. Everything. Down to the last cent. I’m told that if I do this, even for just a week, I will be shocked and amazed at how much money I’m throwing away.

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